I Got The Blues … The Canadian Blues

I got the blues the Canadian blues


I Got The Blues … The Canadian Blues is an introductory half-hour documentary

about Canadian Blues Music for the general public.

It explains the origins of Blues music and how it evolved from Africa to the Southern USA and than went North to Canada.

What is the Blue note ?

We have a few explanations but our favorite is Dutch Mason’s reaction @ 20 min. 30sec and @ 21min 35sec.

We talk to a few Blues musicians and hear their take on being professional musicians, life on the road, etc.

Is there a Canadian Blues musical style?

We showcase selections of various live shows from music festivals and events that took place from 1994 to 1997in various Quebec locations.

I Got The Blues … The Canadian Blues

features interviews with( in order of appearance)

Danielle Lemieux and Brian Edgar of Jitterbug Swing,

Rita Chiarelli, Jerry Dugger, Rick Weston,

Bob Walsh, Otis Grand, Harmonica Zeke, Michael Nerenberg,

Bryan Lee, Steve Hill,  Mike Goudreau and the Boppin’Blues Band, Todd Littlefield,

Stephen Barry of the Stephen Barry Band,

Morgan Davis, Dutch Mason,

Lou Simon, Andy J. Forest …

Ray managed to do a candid interview with Bob Walsh in his home. It was 1996 and we witness the launch of Bob Walsh’s first CD at the Cabaret Lion d’Or . In memory of Bob Walsh, (1947 – 2016) the ‘patriarche du blues québécois’ who passed away Nov. 15th 2016

In memory of Dutch Mason, (1938 – 2006) was a Canadian musician from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was inducted into the Canadian Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the Order of Canada in 2005.  Dutch Mason is known as the Prime Minister of the Blues.


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